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Reach Market Faster with a Complete Bioprocess Solution

Accelerating science with real-time contextualized data

An Open Bioprocess Data Integration Solution
Reduce your budget and save time with our subscription service model

Are you chasing data and working on spreadsheets rather than focusing on science and improving both productivity and throughput? 


When developing a cell therapy, gene therapy, or other advanced therapeutic medicinal product (ATMP) the dynamics of the industry make it essential to reduce inefficiencies & optimize processes leading to increased speed to market. 

With KYNOTA, a subscription-based, turnkey bioreactor software solution, you can integrate all devices regardless of manufacturer, unify and contextualize data, optimize workflows, gain control in real time, reduce errors, and smoothly prepare for tech transfer.

Kynota Infographic


Delivering increased uptime, optimized asset performance, and reduced maintenance costs


Reliable and built to last. Laboratory equipment such as bioreactors and fermentation vessels for use in cell culture applications and peripherals for controlling variable fermentation parameters

Kynota Hardware
Kynota Controls & Automation

Controls & Automation

Scalable. Flexible. Dynamic. The functionality of our control systems and  software allows for seamless integration of new technology and supports unique site-based configurations as well as custom ERP lead times

Data Management

Designed with your needs in mind. Comprehensive data management providing quality insights from a new advanced analytics platform

Kynota Data Management


Enjoy the Advantages of a Cost-Effective Subscription Model

  • Budget predictably as an operations expense

  • Eliminate unexpected costs and one-off projects

  • Enjoy continual updates

  • Schedule go live updates according to your lab’s timetable

  • No waiting for engineering changes

Why Kynota?


Open System

Bioreactor software, design documents, infrastructure, etc. are all open for use by the end user.


All systems are chosen for their capability to integrate to additional equipment, not just bioreactors


Controls platform is designed with the end user in mind, allowing for configuration at runtime

More than Controls

Parameter management, notifications, mobile accessibility, run comparison and more in a scalable solution

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