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Laboratory Scientist

Built for the Bench Designed to Scale

Accelerate project completion by maximizing system flexibility, removing double work and using a system that was designed for scientists

Our subscription model increases personalization and scalability over traditional software models  

As a SaaS solution, KYNOTA includes support and software updates, while also quickly adopting the user’s process to help advance towards tech transfer.

This cost-effective subscription model provides an expandable and flexible open system, delivering increased uptime and optimized asset performance, while reducing maintenance expenses.

More than controls, KYNOTA provides parameter management, notifications, mobile accessibility, run comparison and more in a scalable solution.

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Scale Up and Out With One Platform

Complete Vertical Integration

  • Web-based Visualization

  • Mobile Accessibility

  • Push, Text, or Email Notifications

  • Compatible with a Variety of Remote Access Platforms

  • Multi-Site Information Sharing

Flexible Design

  • Incorporate New Sensors Seamlessly (RAMAN, PAT, etc.)

  • Borrow Equipment from Other Stations with a Click

  • Experimental Templates Designed to Reduce Double Work

  • Compatible with Most Commercially Available Bioreactors 

  • Facilitate Multiple Modalities: Batch, Fed Batch, and Perfusion

Fully Managed Systems

  • Certified Automation Engineers Providing Real-Time Support

  • Support for IT & OT

  • Includes Major Version Upgrades, Hot Fixes and Updates

  • Evergreen Design with Regular Updates and Advanced Functionality

We offer software, services, and support so you can focus on analytics, optimization, and innovation.

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